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Our First Week!


We have been exploring our new classroom indoor and out. All of the children have settled into Year 1 really well. Mrs Cross and Mrs Beech-Webb are very proud! The weather has been very kind to us so we have been making the most of our garden. 

Autumn 1: Am I An Animal?


 The children have been learning the story of the Little Red Hen. We even had a farm to visit us at school! The children loved learning and touching the different animals. We loved meeting Racket the donkey, Oreo and Squeak the Guinea Pigs, The Hen and chicks, Sheep and Tara the rat 🐀 


We have been learning about the animal groups; Mammals, Reptiles, Amphibians, Insects, Fish and Birds. They have been working scientifically and independently in our provision to classify animals into the correct group. 

In Art, we have been studying the work of Henri Rousseau and learning about shape, line and tone. We have begun to create our very own animal sketches after practising our new sketching skills! 

Autumn 2: Who is your hero?


This half term we started it off with a bang! We had a Superhero dress up day, Halloween disco and Bonfire Night to celebrate! 🎉 After reading and writing about lots of superheroes including Elliot Jones the Midnight Superhero, we then started learning about local and historical heroes such as Florence Nightingale. In Science we have been learning about our different body parts and labelling them.

We had great fun getting dressed up and dancing at our Halloween Party! 

We also learnt about the festival Diwali. The children made their own Diva lamps, Mehndi and Rangoli patterns. We learnt about why and Hindus celebrate it.

During this half term we have also learnt about the significance and importance of Remembrance Day. We joined in with the minutes silence, made poppies and talked about those that lost their lives for our country. 

We also joined in with Children in Need and raised lots of money for those who need it more than us. The children dressed up, made Pudseys and use their adjectives to describe him in sentences.

The children also learnt about kindness in Anti Bullying week. We made signs of the words that are important to us as a class to improve our calm corner. The children talked about kind and unkind actions and how they can be a better friend.

After learning so much about our body parts we then started learning about our five senses. We played I Spy and went on treasure hunts for sight. Then for our sense of smell we had to smell different pots and see if we could work out what was inside. We played a ‘What’s that instrument’game to test our hearing. Then for touch, we use feely boxes to feel what was inside and guess.

As part of our Superhero topic, we have been looking at the work of Pop Artist Roy Lichtenstein. The children learnt about primary colours and have used them to create their own using paint, collage and digital programmes.

In DT we have made our very own Superhero Moving Pictures by learning about sliders and levers. The children had to design and make their own learning how to join materials together. 


On the 1st December the Christmas music came out and we turned our classroom into Santa’s Grotto! We have loved learning about the Christian story of Christmas, decorating Christmas trees and having our own Christmas Dinner. The children have all made Christmas cards, magic keys for Father Christmas, eco reindeer food and snowman biscuits. To finish it off we had a fantastic Christmas party! 

Spring 1: What Happened in 1666?

We have been learning about The Great Fire of London and the sequence of events that happened. The children have loved acting out what happened and pretending to be Thomas Farriner in our Bakery and Samuel Pepys writing his diary. We have made zig zag books ordering the events and also made lots of lovely artwork using warm colours.

In English we have been learning the story of Little Red Riding Hood. We retold the story, innovated it with our own characters and wrote our own version with adjectives and the prefix un. We have also wrote instructions on how to trap a wolf. 

In Science, we have been learning about materials. We learnt their names and properties and had a great material hunt in our classroom finding objects made of the different materials. We have also spent this half term testing materials to see which ones are malleable, transparent and waterproof. 

In Art, we have been studying the work of Wassily Kandinsky. The children have been learning about warm and cold colours have have created their own Abstract work inspired by these colours and Kandinsky. 

In DT we have been exploring where our food comes from. The children then got to taste and investigate food from other cultures and countries. As a class we decided we would design and make our own pizza and pizza box. The children learnt how to turn a box inside out and rejoin it. We had great fun making our pizzas and seeing if our box was strong and big enough! 

We celebrated Chinese New Year and learnt about the story and traditions. We had fun pretending to be the animals and racing as well as making dragons and decorations. We finished the week off by learning about the country China and creating our own lapbooks. 

After learning about The Great Fire of London and what London was like in 1666, we then looked at London now. We loved looking at the different landmarks and we had many architects building them in the block play! The children made their own maps of London. 

Spring 2: How does the weather change?

We have been learning about the four seasons and how the weather and nature change throughout the year. The children have been drawing pictures and completing quizzes to show their knowledge of the differences between each season. Our class reading tree was transformed from Winter ready for Spring!