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Our First Week!


We have been exploring our new classroom indoor and out. All of the children have settled into Year 1 really well. Mrs Cross and Mrs Beech-Webb are very proud! The weather has been very kind to us so we have been making the most of our garden. 

Autumn 1: Am I An Animal?


 The children have been learning the story of the Little Red Hen. We even had a farm to visit us at school! The children loved learning and touching the different animals. We loved meeting Racket the donkey, Oreo and Squeak the Guinea Pigs, The Hen and chicks, Sheep and Tara the rat 🐀 


We have been learning about the animal groups; Mammals, Reptiles, Amphibians, Insects, Fish and Birds. They have been working scientifically and independently in our provision to classify animals into the correct group. 

In Art, we have been studying the work of Henri Rousseau and learning about shape, line and tone. We have begun to create our very own animal sketches after practising our new sketching skills!