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Autumn 2 - Who is Your Hero? 


The children have been learning about the story of Elliot Jones, who turns into a superhero and goes on his own adventure! We have been creating our own superheroes, especially as Mr Staines had to be rescued after he got tied up by an unknown evil villain! We have been making capes, painting, creating puppets and building traps. 


Computing Workshop

Our grown ups came into school to work with us while we learnt about being safe on the internet. We read the story of digiduck and talked about what we should and shouldn’t do when on iPads, computers and game consoles. We discussed the SMART rules and the children had time to play on Education City, make posters and write their own rules. 


We took part in a two minutes silence and learnt about what Remembrance Day is and for. We collared lots of poppies and had a go and making some transient art pictures too. We worked as a team and created our very own class poppy wreath. 

Autumn 1: Am I An Animal?


 The children have been learning the story of the Little Red Hen. We even had a farm to visit us at school! The children loved learning and touching the different animals. So when we were storytelling The Little Red Hen, we decided to innovate it with other farm animals. We have learnt about adjectives and used these in our fantastic writing. 

We have also been exploring non fiction texts such as leaflets. We looked at the different features and have designed our very own leaflets for our own imaginary zoo. We have also been practicing creating diagrams of animals we have learnt about adding labels and captions. The children innovated our model text “Lions” with their own animal which they created with play dough. 

Inspire Workshop

This half term we had our parents in to work with us on lots of reading and writing learning opportunities. We practised our handwriting, played some tricky word and phonics games, wrote sentences and practised our reading and answering comprehension questions. Thank you grown ups!

STEM Week 

The children have loved taking part in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths activities this week. We have become Scientists, testing materials to see if they are waterproof. We have become Designers, designing hutches and farms so all the animals are happy and separate. We have also been Engineers creating vehicles to help get the corn to the mill. We then became Bakers and made bread following a recipe and carefully measuring the ingredients. It was very tasty! 

Arts Week.

This week we have been learning about the work and life of Artist Henri Matisse. We studied his work shared our opinions. We’ve also learned the technique of collaging and used tearing and cutting to create different textured collages.