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World Book Day

One of our favourite authors is Oliver Jeffers so we decided to spend World Book Day celebrating Lost and Found. We researched penguins and created fact sheets and made craft penguins too. We also explored the maps and globes and found the South Pole. We really enjoyed acting out the story with our story box and finding out facts about Oliver Jeffers. We had a lovely day! 

The Snow Queen

This half term, we have been studying The Snow Queen and looking at the setting and weather. We used our senses to think about what we would see, feel and hear at Ice Palace. Then we wrote our own setting descriptions. 

How Does the Weather Change?πŸŒˆπŸŒ§β„οΈβ˜οΈβ˜€οΈ

Our new topic is all about exploring different weathers! We enjoyed learning about different types of weather and kept weather diaries. We also made wind socks and tested which way the wind was blowing and rain gauges to help us record how much rain had fallen. 

Little Red Riding Hood

Oh Grandma! What big eyes you have! πŸ‘€ The children are very engaged in our new talk for writing fiction text Little Red Riding Hood. We found a basket full of clues in our classroom and had to predict who they might belong to! They have loved dressing up as the characters, acting out the story and creating their story maps.

What Happened in 1666?

We have been transported to London in 1666 to learn all about the Great Fire of London! The children enjoyed a trip to Selly Manor where they found out about the events and explored what life was like in the past. We loved being historians! 

Florence Nightingale

In History, the children enjoyed learning about Florence Nightingale and the difference she made to hospitals and nursing today. We had a special visitor from the past! The children were amazed and asked lots of interesting questions. 


Squirrels are so excited about our new topic ‘who is your hero?’ We have been learning about superheroes and the different powers they might have. We were very shocked to find out one of our teachers had been tied up by a villain! Luckily a superhero came to free him. We had lots of lovely discussion and used our imaginations to think what might have happened! The children wrote their own superhero adventure stories and created moving pictures! 

Arts Week

To finish off our half term, we celebrated Arts Week across school. We learnt all about Henri Mattise and explored his style of art. We loved being Artists, creating our own piece of art work using collage by tearing and layering. 

STEM Week 

This week we have celebrated Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths in school. The children have taken part in lots of exciting STEM activities! We have been Scientists and tested materials to see if they are waterproof. We have been Designers and made hutches and farms so all the animals are happy and separate. We mesasured them to check the animals would fit inside! The children loved being Engineers, creating vehicles to get the corn to the mill. We even baked bread to help the Little Red Hen! We are so lucky to have such creative children at our school🌟


The children loved being zoologists and finding out lots of facts about animals! We explored non-fiction animal texts and learnt lots of information about animals. We looked at the different features of non-fiction texts and designed our own leaflets for a  zoo. We innovated our class model text ‘Lions’ by creating an animal and adding labels and captions. 

Inspire Workshop - English

Having fun and learning with our grown ups! We practised our handwriting, played some tricky word and phonics games, wrote sentences and practised our reading and answering questions. 

Thank you grown ups!😊

The Little Red Hen

Squirrels class have loved getting to know our Talk for Writing text ‘The Little Red Hen.’ We learnt the story off by heart and have focussed on describing the characters using adjectives. We then innovated the story and created our own. The children had some wonderful ideas!

Farm on Wheels

To launch our topic ‘Am I An Animal?’, we had some special visitors arrive at school! We saw some sheep, a rat, a donkey, some rabbits and even fed the a Little Red Hen just like in our story! We learnt how to look after the animals and enjoyed taking the sheep for a walk.