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Welcome to All Stars Childcare 


We aim for all the children who attend All Stars Childcare to be confident, have great language and communication skills, be emotionally secure, sociable, happy, resilient, be willing to try new things and take risks, be caring and develop a love of learning and the natural world.


By focusing on these key attributes, All Stars Childcare sets children on the learning journey of life. We do this by being completely child centred in everything we do. Our childcare spaces are designed and organised so children can be independent and lead their own learning, making choices about the resources they want to use, whether to be inside or outside and when to stop for a snack.


Through observation, considered and sensitive adults decide when it is best to support children, when to teach them a new skill or when it is best to stand back and let the children discover new things. No adult ever dominates the learning environment and as a result children are continuously engaged and following their interests. The staff are vigilant in ensuring the children feel safe and secure. Each child has a keyworker that takes time to get to know you and your child.


We assist learning by allowing children the time, space and resources to become absorbed into their learning. We encourage the children by giving them time and space to think, to be and to grow because every child is an individual.


We have social media pages on Facebook and Instagram both of which can be found as All Stars Childcare. 

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