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Long Term Planning



Year 1

Year 2

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Long Term Plan

Long Term Plan

Long Term Plan

Long Term Plan

Medium Term Planning



Year 1

Year 2


Why do you love me

So much?




What happens when I fall asleep?

Medium Term Planning



Am I an animal? Medium Term Planning

What are my aspirations? Medium Term Planning
What is the weather today?

Why do squirrels hide nuts? Medium Term Planning

Who is your hero? Medium Term PlanningWhat makes a community? Medium Term Planning

How does that

building stay up?


Which was the

biggest Dinosaur? Medium Term Planning



What happened in 1666?

What was life like in the past?
Are Eggs alive?

Why do Zebras

have stripes? MediumTerm Planning

How does the weather change?

  What are Rainforests?  

My favourite books!

Will you tell

me a story? Medium Term Planning

What is your favourite story?

Can you tell me a story?
Can we explore it?

Can I switch

it on? Medium Term Planning

What do you know about space?


Are you a